Lindberg’s centennial farm news 

Closed for the 2023 harvest season.

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Welcome to Lindberg’s Blueberries

We are a family owned farm located in West Michigan offering a choice of U-Pick or ready picked blueberries. In preparation for your visit, we have been working hard to maintain safe and healthy blueberry fields. Healthy bushes produce better berries and we offer some of the most sweet, big and plump blueberries in the area.

Whether you are a regular blueberry customer or a first-time visitor, you won’t be disappointed with Lindberg’s Blueberries. Our staff will assist you in locating a prime picking spot for your farm fresh experience. Or the option of an order of ready-picked blueberries is available.

We hope you enjoy your visit! Come as often as you like as we think you will love the summer blueberry season as much as we do!

With many thanks,
– Jeff and Brenda Lindberg